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Early Childhood / Elementary / Secondary Education Focus

My focus in art is the movement learned and the resulting joy of the young people who are studying and performing dance.  My works are presentations of what has been accomplished in dance class through excellence and exploration.  Combinations of warm-up, locomotor progressions, center floor, and even student-created moments are woven together in order to showcase what has been practiced in the learning environment.


When working with children, I either begin with unison movement that is transformed into group work and more dynamic contagions on stage or with various formations of dancers within the performative space.  I typically do not begin with both at the same time.  This is due to the time-tested truth that children learn more when they continue to feel successful at some level as an educational process continues.  If one portion of the piece or movement, in an effort to keep preprimary through secondary choreographic endeavors simple, can be semi-mastered, then the second level of choreography can become an exciting challenge instead of a defeating assignment.  


Ultimately, I work to create art with students in an effort to increase their self-esteem and understanding of collaboration and teamwork.  I also aim to continue building my students' knowledge base of the fine arts and, of course, strengthen their appreciation for dance as a whole.

Preschool Dance Class

Elementary School Dance

Middle School Performing Arts

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